Betting on the FIFA World Cup

When it comes to sports betting, there are many high-risk gamblers who like to take a chance and bet on an outsider and make a very good return if they win, and on the other spectrum who get the safe betters who like to bet on one of the safer options and lower their risk and return. When it comes to world cup betting the best place to visit is World Cup Tips, where you will get opinions from the best experts in the game. 

Whether you are looking to gamble on an outsider or on a favourite, be sure to combine your own knowledge with some more professional world cup tips to give you the best idea of where to put your money. Whatever you do, don't just bet randomly on whichever team strikes your fancy. That's a good way to throw your money away and not much else.

As a risk taker some of the teams you can look at that will give you highest returns are the two complete outsiders – Panama and Saudia Arabia – with odds of 2000/1. Tunisia are not too far behind with odds of 1000/1. Higher up the scale you have sides such as Australia, Iran, Morocco, Costa Rica and South Korea who have odds at 750/1. Japan come in at 500/1 to win the tournament outright. If you are looking for a safe bet, look no further the Brazil who have odds of 19/4 to win the FIFA World Cup outright. Other sides that are favourites to win are Germany at 5/1, France at 13/2 and Spain with odds of 7/1. These odds are referenced from Many gamblers will be looking to cash in during the world cup and there are so many different kinds of bets to make during the world cup.

Gamblers can bet on the team who will score the most goals in the tournament, they can bet on who will win the golden boot (top scorer in the cup), the golden gloves (the goal keeper who concedes the least amount of goals) or the most assists. The tournament always produces the odd shock result and these are the moments when a gambler can cash in. The hard part is deciding on which game the shock result will come. 

All the underdog sides will be going out to play for pride and try to upset the odds, it is important as a gambler to be careful with your betting and not take too many high-stake risks too often. Accumulator bets are bets when you bet on more than one result and rely on all these results to go your way. Accumulator bets usually have higher pay outs as the risk is higher and you are relying on more than one result to go your way. To all the gamblers out there that are looking to make some cash come the FIFA World Cup, good luck and be safe.





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