Benefits of online gambling

Gambling involves betting or staking something of value with the hope of winning something in return. Online gambling has proved to be more convenient compared to traditional gambling. Online casinos have been termed also contributed to the rise of online gambling.

Offers a wide range of games.

To begin with, in online gambling, you have the option of accessing different games at just the click of a button. You have different options to choose from e.g. australian casinos , lotteries, card games, and sports betting.


Another benefit of online gambling is the comfort and convenience it offers to people. You can play anywhere and anytime. It is fast and straightforward, you just need the internet and you can start playing. Most mobile casinos have gambling games applications on Google Playstore and App Store accessible online. Players can gamble online saving time and money.

Diverse payment methods.

Additionally, online gambling attracts players across the world. Therefore there was the need to have online paying platforms to adapt to the style of the players. Some forms of payment are not available in some regions so multiple methods of payment are available. Trasactions can be made via bank or electric money transfer. Credit facilities are also available e.g PayPal, Skrill and Cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses available.

More so, free bonuses are available in most canadian online casino . New players are given worthwhile welcome bonuses. They provide an opportunity to earn extra money on the side of your play. Some bonuses are superior due to there player-friendly terms and conditions. The bonuses are in the form of free spins or money credited directly into players accounts. However, money deposited into the players' account cannot be withdrawn. 

Reduces Stress.

Furthermore, gambling games are engaging and enjoyable, which can help reduce stress. If you are stressed and need to cool off gambling offers a temporary escape. Feel-good chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin are released when gambling.


In a nutshell, online gambling has numerous benefits which include access to many different games. You can reduce stress whilst playing and the platform offers different paying methods to suit every player. Last but not least you can easily access the games anywhere and anytime.

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Different perspectives on gambling

Gambling has become a big part of American culture. Over the last decade, gambling has gone mainstream. Nowadays, you can bet on anything from horse racing to professional football. If you want to try out some new forms of gambling, then check out these options below.

Online Video Poker

The online gaming industry is booming right now; with video jouer au poker en ligne being one of its top games. An exciting game for both adults and kids alike, it offers many different variations like Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. It’s easy to play, but also fun if you know how to win at this type of game.

Sports Betting

More and more states are allowing sports betting. Some state that they don't allow sports betting while others do. Check your local laws before placing any bet. In most cases, you will be able to place a legal bet in multiple US states as long as you are willing to pay taxes when winning something after placing your bet.

Offshore Banking

There are numerous banking options for anyone who wants to gamble offshore. All you have to do is set up an account outside the USA (in countries like Australia, Belgium, UK, Germany...etc), sign up for a bookmaker's website through their site, make a deposit using PayPal or credit card and start placing bets!

Live Gaming

Live gaming sites such as partypoker offer players the chance to play live 24/7. This allows people across the world to play poker at any time they choose. Many live online sports betting casinos even offer free trials. Players will usually need to register an account before playing. You’ll find two ways to play: either by downloading a software package or by accessing the website via your browser. Once signed up, you should receive an email containing information about signing into your account. Just follow the instructions within to get started.

In conclusion, there are so many choices available to the modern gambler because of the internet today. With all these choices, finding the best ones may seem challenging. However, once you learn exactly what to look for, you will be able to find the most suitable gambling option for whatever your needs are.

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History of Online Blackjack

Do you want to play blackjack online, without having to leave your home? No problem, download our free app and start playing today. Our site has been developed with the latest technologies to provide you with the best experience possible.

Blackjack Card Game is one of the oldest best online casino games around. The object of the game is to beat the dealer at counting cards. This skillful combination of luck and strategy makes it a thrilling game for everyone from novice players to experienced gamblers.

Goal of Blackjack

The goal of this game revolves around hitting as many natural 20s as possible with various strategies. As you gain more experience, you may eventually become an expert in card counting. A natural twenty-one gives the player all 21 points including insurance. There are two types of insurance:

• Insurance pays out when the dealer also shows a 21. An example would be if the dealer reveals that they have 8 on their upcard, but they will add another 11 on the downcard. The player bets $10 on the hand being a hit and wins $20 back from his hard bet (assuming there were not any other bonuses or payouts).

However, since the hand was completed by showing a natural 21, the insurance payout will result in the total payment going over the maximum wager. If the casino joka casino en ligne player does not win the maximum wager amount, he loses what remained on the original wager.

• Double insurance pays out when the dealer has 10. An example would be where the dealer shows 5 on their faceup card and then adds 9 on their downcard. If the player bets $25 on the hand being a natural 21 and wins double insurance paying him $50 back, he receives $50 even though he only won $25. His loss on the original wager can only be recovered by winning twice again on the same hand.

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Easy to Learn Gambling Games You Should Know About

Gambling games are very popular nowadays. Players enjoy playing them because they offer great entertainment value and excitement. They also come in countless varieties, allowing players to choose the game that suits their preferences. These types of games include blackjack, roulette, keno, scratch cards, and bingo. Below, we share some of the gambling games that are the easiest to learn.

Easy to Learn Gambling Games You Should Know About

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is one type of reelsofjoy online pokies card game that has a long history as an exciting game for gamblers all over the world to play. The game uses two decks of 52 cards, each with different color combinations: red cards and blue cards.

In blackjack, players attempt to get closer to 21 points than their dealer, without exceeding it. If a player gets more points than the dealer in the hand, he wins the bet made by his opponents. However, if the dealer beats the player, then both parties will lose what was wagered on.

2. Roulette

Roulette is another commonly played South African casinos card game where players have to wager on certain numbers or ranges. To win, you simply need to predict the outcome by choosing which number appears most frequently on the wheel.

For example, if the ball lands on red 8, then you can expect to win around $200. On the other hand, if you select green 6, then you can only expect to win around $100. The payout varies depending on many factors such as the number of times you play, how much money you spend per spin, and whether you’re betting big or small amounts.

3. Keno

Keno is a lottery-like game that allows people to pick numbers from 1 to 80,000 at a time. After picking your numbers, you place your bets based on how many numbers you selected. When the results are announced later on, you will be given the total amount won.

To add extra fun, you can also join a group of friends together and pool your respective funds into one huge pot. This gives everyone the chance to win a fortune when lucky numbers come up. 

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Why You Should Consider Gambling Online

Gambling has always been controversial, and it seems that many countries don’t allow gambling at all. In fact, some states even prohibit casino lizenz from opening within their borders. As such, it’s understandable why you might wonder whether or not it’s safe to play online.

When it comes to playing at real money slots online, you should never worry about being cheated. There are plenty of sites that offer online casino games and these provide a safe environment for players to enjoy themselves. Moreover, new technologies mean that the chances of being scammed are pretty slim.

Why You Should Consider Gambling Online

1. Playing Your Favorite Games With Real Money

There are lots of reasons why people love slot machines. Some people like them because they just want an excuse to spend more time at home with nothing else to do, while others have fun on rainy days when there aren’t any other options (or when they need cheering up).

Regardless of what your reason is for wanting to play slot machines, there’s absolutely no denying that they can be enjoyable!

2. The Chance To Win Big Prizes

One of the best things about playing slot machines is knowing that there’s a chance to win big prizes. It doesn’t matter how much money you bet; as long as you keep coming back regularly, then you’ll eventually take home a nice chunk of cash. This kind of thing makes playing a lot easier than if you were hoping to make the same amount of money in one go every single day.

3. Play Anytime That Works For You

You shouldn’t feel bound by the restrictions set out by certain governments. If you’re living somewhere where it’s illegal to gamble, then it’s only right that you follow the law and avoid doing anything that’s against the rules.

However, it would also be unfair to simply shut yourself off from gaming, so it’s important that you find an alternative – and that’s exactly what are designed to help people with.

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How to Win at Roulette - Online Gambling Guide

How do I win at roulette? Which game variants pay better? What strategies can I employ? And where should I start playing? These questions are common amongst new players. Well, you've come to the right place because we’ve compiled this guide to give you more information about this game. Make sure you check back often for more information.

Betting Strategy

To be successful, you must always bet according to the house edge. This means that you'll never be able to beat the average house edge on a standard deck of cards (which is 3 percent based off of the European system).

Table Layout Tips

There are many ways to improve your chances of success:

• When playing blackjack, you want to avoid sitting at a table where the dealers' body language indicates that they are not willing to share their good fortune.

• Also, the position of the dealer affects the probability of getting a hit. Sitting next to the dealer increases this likelihood while sitting further away reduces it. The best way to determine this is by observing the dealer's body positioning.

• Finally, consider adjusting your betting style so that you can increase your chances of hitting big prizes. Most people tend to bet lower amounts because of fear of losing more money than what they've already placed on the table. 

Jackpot Strategies

Here are three tips to help you manage your bankroll effectively:

Always use cash - The safest way to ensure your money stays put is to take it directly out of the ATM. If you do choose to withdraw money through a credit card, you may risk having your bank account frozen for suspicious activity. 

Only have a short period of time to spend your money - Once you get used to seeing your real money casino games money disappear after just a few hours, you might find yourself spending recklessly. 

Use multiple accounts - Having multiple accounts gives you access to different resources. By keeping all of your money spread apart, you can prevent yourself from splurging it all at once on something silly like a fancy dress party.


These tips will go a long way towards helping you become a true roulette gambling pro in no time flat. So, keep reading and don't forget to visit us regularly for new updates and ideas on how to make some serious bank.

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Underage Gambling: Saviour or Sin

Full House Children Gambling
Gambling has plenty of studies going on and a few center around underage gambling. We will look at the results and get a hold of the issue. 

It is shown that roughly a quarter of now adult gamblers placed their first bets when under age. Another stat; 15% of 16 and 17 year olds have made bets whether privately within their family or managed to place a bet ‘properly’. In this same group some have made bets on Keno, horse racing scratchcards and the like. The age limit is 18 and so all these bets are illegal. Gamble Aware have data in their studies which suggests the likelihood of an underage gambler starting is strongly linked to the betting of their parents. So just seeing a parent gambling or placing a bet can legitimise it in the mind of the child. The other interesting link was in social media use, mobile gaming and learning to enjoy the small quick dopamine hit from ‘gamification’ from these types of games. Players who spent more time on these activities were more likely to make an underage bet. 

Stats on Underage Gambling - trending upwards 

The concept of gambling is all around young people, even more with gamification on mobiles- think in game rewards and currencies. But think about amusement arcades, the 2p machines, soft toy grabbers all introduce risking money for reward. TV commercials when parents watch the football match almost exclusively are for big brand gambling and betting.

It’s trending upwards and online casinos and parents need to work harder and to educate in early stage minds. Smart devices are being used more and more by younger kids and the advertising is less controlled and the gamification embedded as an idea. 

Some more research stats: 

Almost 40% of 11-16 year olds have bet using their own money. How have they managed to do this? Worth investigating how creative kids are doing it! 6% used a parents account so make sure you are careful if you give a child your phone. Make sure you don’t leave yourself logged in. 60% think their parents wouldn’t want them to gamble. Some parents allow their kids to gamble shockingly- albeit with rules 19% said. 

Gambling is a fun pastime for many. But it should never be an activity for young adults. Jurisdictions have different ages and penalties for underage gambling but the goal remains the same. A deterrent for the activity in those too young. Young adults don’t have the right decision making skills to be able to gamble responsibly. They certainly don’t have the mental agility to deal with gambling addiction- in fact some adults still get caught out with it. 

As children may gamble they may be blissfully ignorant of the negatives but the law will hit them with impunity. Sympathy may or may not be existing in the matter. The better gambling brands take great care to eradicate underage gambling from taking place on their websites.

Consequences- What Can Happen? 

A young minors mind is not ready to think correctly in a gambling scenario. They are more likely to act with irrationality and with great impulse. An adult uses more logic and less emotion. Children also can be misled by peers and pressured. 

When someone begins to gamble at 12 it is far more likely to lead to an addiction. This leads to an increase in other negative traits such as a propensity to crime. Depression can occur and of course poor academic results will follow. Under What Age Is It Illegal to Gamble? When a country allows gambling it sets out it’s laws and decides on what age it is legal. There is a general minimum of 18+ that most countries abide by. Interestingly the UK allows playing the national Lottery at 16 as a separate option otherwise the 18+ is the rule. 

Some countries have higher limits such as Greece,Spain,Germany, Russia and some states in the USA with a limit of 21+ 

If a minor is subject to the law through being caught gambling underage then the usual manner of punishments are applicable largely depending on the country of the offence. The jurisdiction would usually be where they were physically for online gaming offences. Fines, Probation or ultimately some actual time in Prison is possible. The offences will also appear on the criminal record of the minor. 

Parents that allow children or young adults to gamble below the age limit are also at risk of breaking the law. It is most likely they will be dealt with at the full severity. 

Ways to Prevent Your Child From Gambling 

If you gamble as an adult you must take extra care. Your children are far more likely to gamble. As an adult would you want your child to be gambling? Not just a shock of getting a credit card bill; kids have been known to copy and submit card details online! But try to teach them it is just for adults and tell them why and also make sure you tell them it’s illegal and as a parent you can’t block the law from them. 

There are apps which can restrict any user from accessing gambling websites. One such example is ​​BetBlocker another Gamstop

It’s never too early to educate, the gamification of games is already targeting your kids so you need to act. Rewards which can build up for performing tasks then spent on items that enhance the gameplay keep kids on that game as they become invested! It is giving a mind an early skewed idea of value among other issues. So talk and educate your children on the value of REAL money and how it is different and why gambling is not for children. For some reason these games also have a lot of ads for gambling on them. And minors can easily click and find some unscrupulous gambling site that can look much like a mobile game. A child could pay through a service like PayPal if you are logged in and there it has started and a law was broken. 

Never save your card details on your phone or make it so that you must authenticate through a print or face if you insist. 

Check your browser history to see what your kids have been watching. Report any videos that target minors that are not for minors. 

There are many common sense actions you can take to help protect your child from gambling underage. Often just telling them not to can be enough. No one knows your child better than you and know that it’s also on you. Take responsibility for this important matter.

My Personal Underage Gambling Story:

Back in the 1970s my parents had a very liberal view about childhood gambling. They encouraged it. I must admit, my brother and I loved going to the arcade playing the 2p machines. They even had a couple of those retro slot machines: India Head, decked out in chrome and shuddered as the reels come to a halt. I remember those fondly. The classic one-armed bandit. It was all the fun of the fair. 

Whether we should have been playing the slot machines or not didn't come into question. We simply enjoyed playing win or lose. I guess it would give my parents and hour or two of peace and quiet and money well spent. 

There is little doubt gambling can be a problem for all and even I appreciate that young children need to be protected. You don't want to instill a love of gambling from an early age although, for me and my brother, it may have been our saviour rather than a sin. Why? Because playing slot machines as a child made me appreciate you couldn't win. They were fun and when you lost a little bit of change it was time to do something else. These days, as an adult, I find slot machines as boring as sin. They have no entertainment value and I just watch others play and wonder if they played fruit machines or slot machines or gambled as a child. It may be illegal or wrong to even imagine how these things affect the child mind and whether they lead to problem gambling as an adult. For me, they actually helped me learn something valuable rather than be the next victim. 

I guess the answer to any question whether adult or child is learning from experience.

That can lead to positive decisions.
Would you let your children gamble?   

What Happened to Nick Mordin?

I received an email a long time ago asking this very question. 

Sadly, my reply was: ''I have no idea.''

The reason why I was contacted is because my twin brother, Tony, run a study regarding the significance of pattern-race entries within two-year-old horse racing. 

In fact, the data was pieced together into a story by Mordin for his popular Systems, detailed in the Weekender publication. 

The article was titled: In a Class of their Own: How to Spot & Back Potential Top-Notch Two-year-olds. I can't remember the date of the publication, but it must have been a long time ago. [I found a link to the article on High Class Equine dated 14th, May 1994].  

This research was groundbreaking and it was the first study of its kind in the world. 

In fact, I have had many people remark about its publication years later and still holds a lot of interest and clout to this day. 

My brother and I still use this information and we detail some aspects for free via our Group Horse Subscription + Easy Professional Gambler Mailing Series. (100% Free).

Nick Mordin is a man who was much respected in the racing world finding angles and writing a number of publications to help readers get ahead of the game. 

Betting for a Living (1992)

The Winning Look (1994)

Mordin on Time (1996) 

Winning Without Thinking (2002)

All were very well received and I have a couple in my personal collection. 

I notice a few threads on Betfair Community musing about his work. 

I do believe Mordin went to live in the United States although I couldn't confirm this as fact or fiction.  

Many punters will remember he was criticised by Harry Findlay about the chances of Denman winning the Gold Cup. At least, I think that's what it was about as the old grey matter isn't quite what it used to be. 

Anyway, wherever you are, Nick, I hope life is treating you well and my brother often mentions the phone conversation he had with you back in the day. 

All good stuff.

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Pokers Top 10 Trash Talkers

Some poker players stand out with big titles like Stu The Kid Ungar and for being exceptional at the game. You need more than one to be really big whether it’s the SBOP or the WSOP or a notable big hand. It will get the media and then the fans going mad for you. 

But there is another way! Some players have ugly table manners! And one sure thing that gets you talked about is that. Having bad table manners doesn’t mean you're a bad guy. For some they just play that way. Then after the game Mr. Smooth is back. They are typically good players in their own right but their ugly play has the fanbase going crazy. 

What makes for bad table play? 

It can be whining about every little thing, disrespecting the game and the other players. Some continue to be bad dudes away from the tables. They are not so popular but definitely talked about. We reveal 10 ‘bad players’ in this article. 

1. Phil Hellmuth A poker brat with the ability to win big titles. The undisputed king of WSOP bracelets clearly knows how to play. But you don’t win them all. Yet Phil thinks he should and every time he lets you know it was bad luck and that he is the best. “If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time.” he said. Some close to him in the community say he is a nice guy away from the tables. 

2. Tony G Tony will berate the pros and cross the line. It makes for great TV and he gets carried away for sure. He doesn’t ‘hit’ the amateurs though. It’s like the pros should know better. Traditionalists don’t like it. He has had many entertaining ding dongs with Hellmuth. 

3. Will Kassouf Kassouf divided the community on what is acceptable to do to get an edge at the table. Kassouf used ‘speech play’ to try and get tells and advantages from his competitors. He was pretty much unknown apart from a great run in the 2016 WSOP main event. Eventually he lost and it seemed justice was served to many. Griffin Benger in the last hand got the better of him. 

4. Jamie Gold Winner of the WSOP in 2006 and a very big 12 Million in the main event. Another player who used ‘Speech Play’ and bluffing to the extreme. A casual player at the time and trash talker got the community going. But he fizzled out much to the delight of his detractors. 

5. Scotty Nguyen A class veteran with five WSOP bracelets and over 12,000,000 in winnings, Scotty is one of the legends of the game. Normally and at his best he is actually nice and chilled whilst playing. He is welcomed by the poker community. However the evil alcohol changed his demeanour on one occasion which gets him onto our list. In 2008 at the WSOP H.O.R.S.E. event worth $50k he drank beer after beer and got increasingly abusive. He won and apologised after the event, playing down his behaviour at the same time. He lost a lot of fans and of course it upset him. 

6. Mike “The Mouth” Matusow A very good player at his prime is Matusow. But he was very well known for going on rants that once they got started didn’t die out easily.He earned his nickname The Mouth. He would let the table know how bad his luck was or how good other people were. He now has his own podcast and is online. 

7. Luke Schwartz When you mouth off you run the risk of alienating your fans. Luke in 2020 verbally came at Phil Galfond and called him a washed up pro unable to cut it against the best anymore. Just one example of the UK pros ‘game talk’. Luke seems to take pleasure in his trash talk beyond getting an edge. This for some would-be fans is a step too far. 

8. Humberto Brenes An old hand at the game Brenes got the nickname “The Shark” due to his shark figurines card protectors he always uses. Not only does he use them to protect his cards he uses them as a vehicle for insulting or taunting his opponents. Those eventually who play long enough see that these sharks are all teeth but no bite and find that his table performances can easily be zone out. 

9. Ivan Freitez Freitez has made his name through Angle Shooting. His ethics are not so respectable.The 2011 EPT Grand Final tournament saw a hand where Freitez pulled a shot against Eugene Yanayt. In a game where guessing the intent of your competitors is a factor you can manipulate things by changing your mind. The rules don’t allow you to change your play from raise to call once called. But this is what Ivan did- knowing it wouldn’t be allowed. Signalling an intent in this way, it was all a ruse to confuse Yanayt. People watching the game on TV were disgusted by this foul play. It gave the player a name for the wrong reasons. 

10. Scott Seiver If Scott comes after you it won’t be in a brash in your face kind of way. His style is a subtle provocation and no doubt he is a sharp guy under control. He has been known to break poker etiquette by turning over a set of opponents cards before they can muck them. He seems to think this is ok though he is the only one! Strangely pros have also commented on the way he sits and breathes, hardly something that could be against any rules! It could be his best effort at holding a poker face. 

Poker's Colourful Characters It certainly helps make the game more interesting for those watching at home to get some of this banter between pros. As you have seen on the list some are more in your face than others, but the aim is the same. Upset and confuse your opponent. Just be careful though as it can backfire.

Popular Professional Gambler Nicknames

Nicknames are rife through the gambling world. We all love speaking of our favourite characters by their nicknames. We have picked 6 top gamblers who have well known nicknames. If you hear of ‘The Kid’ or ‘Nick The Greek’ you know who we mean. And it’s a lot more fun too. 

In this read we will also look into nicknames, where they come from and how gamblers come up with them.

Gambling Nicknames

We said that we would start by looking into the general information on nicknames. They are a form of expression to many generations if to gamblers siblings football players or anyone. You can also nickname items. You might not know but in Brazil it is typical to be known by many names even in your family. Nicknames in gambling are given by fellow players and fans. 

What Is a Nickname? 

Nicknames add fun to a discussion about a favourite person and can colour the descriptive in a favorable way. Nicknames are felt to be more familiar. A fan can immediately put themselves closer to their heroes by referring to them by their nickname. They can also be humorous and given to places, people and objects. 

Why Do We Use Nicknames? 

Nicknames are used in all manner of societies for different reasons. One such example the vikings used nicknames often instead of their actual name. They can be used when people don’t like their own name- a very common case. The Vikings also used nicknames to signify status. 

In Britain nicknames are common they can refer to peoples features and in schools can be an unpleasant way to address someone. In wartime the soldiers would come up with nicknames too. In Asia nicknames are used more in friends and family only. In this case the nickname is more used to express endearment and love. Nicknames can be used to signal respect as in the case of the Vikings. Some nicknames can instill fear in enemies such as The Red Baron or Black Beard. 

Another commonplace area you find the use of nicknames is in online registrations and social media settings. Accounts such as Twitter, Instagram Snapchat etc allow you to label yourself with a ‘handle’ much like the users of CB Radio used nicknames. A screen name is another term used but all of them are nicknames. Online gambling sites also allow you to use the abstract ‘usernames’ but the popular ones like ‘thekid’ are probably taken! Nicknames can also be just an abbreviation of the full name. Australians are a particular nation who like to shorten names for all kinds of items. I guess it’s too hot to waste the energy out there! 

How to Create a Nickname? 

You will need to come up with your own nickname if you want to register on an online gambling website. Of course you might have a nickname and you can always try that. But if not then here discover a way to come up with a good nickname for yourself. Coming up with a nickname is fun. One of the best ways is to do it with friends. 

Just follow a few simple steps to create a fun, original and memorable nickname:

1) Ask yourself what makes you you? 

Try to look at your personality and ask your friends about your traits. Are you mean, fast or lazy? 

2) Get inspired by movies but don’t copy. 

3) Don’t overthink it. 

Top 6 Popular Gambler Nicknames 

Now another fun part – the top 6 best gambling nicknames list! A lot of gambling legends are well known by their nicknames which have been given and suit the characters of themselves. So who’s on the list? 

Big Julie of Vegas – If you search this name you will find books covering the story. Known for doing well playing craps. 

Nick the Greek – Yes originating from Greece! Another professional gambler who we have written about here. 

The Mad Genius – a teacher of poker, a big theorist and the teacher every gambler listens to.

The Robin Hood of Poker – This gambler got his nickname from giving much of his winnings to charity. 

Billy the Kid- a wide smile can mix with anger but tempered by an insane spirit for gambling.

The Kid - Stu ‘The Kid’ Unger named from his prowess at such a young age with Gin Rummy then Blackjack and Poker. 

Funny Real Gambling Nicknames 

Some lesser players have gained great names worthy of mention since they are funny. 

Bryan ‘Sailor’ Roberts 
Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari 
Humberto ‘The Shark’ Brenes 
Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson 
Jack Straus ‘Treetop’ 


Many legendary gamblers pickup nicknames in the gambling community. Could our list inspire your gambling nickname for use on a gambling website? Nicknames are here to stay, they say something in a usually positive way about us. It can be a status or attribute. You might be giving your significant other their own private nickname. They are versatile. 


What questions are people asking about nicknames? We have come to the rescue and have these for you. Our team has answered questions on nicknames in general and within the realm of the gambling world and these are the most frequently asked ones. Chances are you have the same questions: 

What is a nickname? Another name given to a person, item or other thing. Typically used for fun and to bring joy to a conversation. How do I create a nickname? Try and think about the item or person and take some inspiration from other nicknames. Think about the stick out attributes for the person and one will come to you. The best nicknames tend to happen without too much thought. 

What are the most popular professional gambler nicknames? Some of the most famous gamblers and their nicknames have been given in our list above.

Best Gambling Movie: Owning Mahowny

Today we will unpack a successful movie called Owning Mahowny. A curious title which will become clear as to why later. 

Richard Kwietniowski was the director. 

Owning Mahowny is based on the real story of a Toronto banks vice president real name Brian Molony via a book called Stung by Gray Stephen Ross, a precursor to the film. 

Mahowny the main protagonist is played by the curious and talented Philip Seymour Hoffman, a ‘B’ lister or supporting actor to ‘A’ list movies such as Along Came Polly. 

Mahowny has some strange characteristics apart from other gamblers, even addicts like himself. He seems to gamble with increasing impunity without consideration for most things if they should go wrong. He seems terrible at it. Even his bookie cuts him off! If he has a chance to gamble he will. The odds seem to matter not. 

Unlike most addicted gamblers he gets a thrill from ONLY gambling! Not even tempted by women thrust at him by casino owners. He needed more and more money to just keep getting the thrill as of course he didn't always win. He was not interested in spending the money on flash cars or women, no he just loved to gamble and loved the buzz. It is perhaps the more interesting angle and one the movie portrays well. A tunnel vision of a man who knew singularly what he liked and just went for it time and time again. The only thing that owned the man was the thrill hence the title of the film. 

Early on he raises an initially eye watering $10k debt at the tracks. To most that would be the end of a line of credit. The next level sees gamblers sell their possessions and even lose their homes. Then that is truly the end for most. A warning some do not take. But Mahowny had one thing all the rest did not. He had access to large sums of money. 

But how? 

Read on…

Early days 

Mahoney was 1 of 4 children who had a stay at home mum and his father was a Doctor. His father would take him to the racetrack as a boy and spoke of strategies and taught Mahowny. The boy developed his own enthusiasm and that was the start. From the age of 10 he became his class bookie and allowed his friends and peers to place bets with him on events happening in the school. 

University & His Banking Career 

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce took an interest in Mahony's aptitude for banking after he aces a test. He graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelors in Journalism, but was quickly offered a job with CIBC. He had gone to Uni to study journalism and write on financial matters. From working the basics in banking and acting teller upwards he progressed swiftly. At 26 he was awarded promotion to assistant manager and was able to approve loans and given access to accounts of the bank itself. He had a serious girlfriend at college and seemed very normal otherwise. 

His secret life of gambling 

The film centres on his gambling and the way he went about it. His Girlfriend who enabled him and the impending collapse of it all. It’s like he knows it’s coming yet continues down his path like a driven man. 

He was in part successful and was betting with some serious cash. Examples of the biggest wagers were $75k hands which translated into millions of dollars. He dabbled in sports betting too and the Superbowl was one win of note where he placed a half million dollar bet and won.

Not a flash person or seemingly interested in material objects, anything that got him to the casino faster worked for him and so he started to fly across to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. So the money was getting spent. 

One consistent thing that seems to be through professional gamblers is that at times they get wiped out to zero. But a loan from other gamblers gets some back on the road again. They are mostly with some exceptions up and down. This was no different with Mahowny/Molony. But he worked out that as he was loaning all sorts of people money he could ‘loan’ himself money from his bank. He didn’t see it as theft because he was going to pay it back. And so the embezzlement started. Knowing the weaknesses in his company's organisation allowed him to cover his tracks and use fake companies and legitimate companies to take the money from. 

A notable loss occurred at a craps table in Caesars Atlantic City which was to the tune of 10 Million dollars. 

An arrangement was made between Caesars where Molony was gambling most. They would support him with free flights knowing it would pay them back. They never asked where the money came from. 

The Game is Up 

The bank finally realised that money was going missing and had Brian arrested. They also filed a lawsuit against Caesars because they enabled the situation. Malony pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years in jail. He attended many clinics as part of his rehabilitation. He ended up serving just two and a half years. 

Later Life 

From his crazy life he seems to have rehabilitated and now is a successful family man with his wife Lisa (she stuck with him throughout) and three kids. Brian slowly pays his stolen loot back through management consultancy work and speaking in seminars for compulsive gamblers. The family now lives in Pickering, Ontario. 

The Movie 

The main cast of characters in the movie are John Hurt who plays the Atlantic City casino manager, Minnie Driver who plays his girlfriend and Philip Seymour Hoffman who plays Brian.

The Stu Ungar Movie: High Roller

If you look at a list of the most famous card players and gamblers of all time, Stu The Kid Unger will certainly be there. He’s won the WSOP 3 times and 3 Super Bowl Of Poker tournaments. But it isn’t this card playing prowess that made him the legend he is today. Great card players alone don’t make great movie subjects. Stu ‘the kid’ has been a colourful character right up until the end. He led such an interesting life that a movie was made about it; High Roller. 

Stu debuted (at a very young age 10 he won his first tournament) as a Gin Rummy player. He got so good he ran out of opponents or places to play. He migrated from Gin to Blackjack then finally Poker and showed that he was one of the best card players ever with his record wins at the WSOP. This kind of gambling is strongly skill based as opposed to roulette or other casino games. As with many tales of gamblers it ends in Las Vegas. 

We look today, at the movie High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story and muse about his colourful life, though we covered it in more detail here. 


It’s not all about gambling! This is an emotional film. A rollercoaster that matches Stuart’s life’s ups and downs. You will go through joy, sorrow and pain, so get some tissues handy. 

Stuart went through losing both his parents to then losing a son the anguish and reasons for some of his reckless behaviour and the start of him using drugs. Of course there is the gambling and card game side of the film. Stu was adept at Gin Rummy, Blackjack and the Poker. He also had a long court case that sapped his energy all so he could clear his name.

Interestingly Stuart’s life had raised interest before his death in 1998, and he was documenting parts of his life for a biography. 

Title: High Roller The Stu Ungar Story 

Release Date: 2003 
Director: A. W. Vidmer Written by: A. W. Vidmer 
Country of origin: USA 
Duration: 110 minutes 
Based on Real Events 
Rating IMDB: 6/10 

The Cast: 

Apart from ‘Mr Miyagi’ you may not recognise any of the actors. 

Main actors: Al Bernstein as Himself, Andrew N.S. Glazer as himself, Michael Imperioli as Stu, Renee Faia as Angela, Noriyuki Morita as Mr Leo who you will recognise as Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid. 

Don’t let the IMDB rating 6/10 rating bother you. It’s a niche movie for us gambling or poker fans! This is absolutely a film for you if you happen to still be reading this. Stu is a real legend and some call time the greatest card player of all time- the GOAT. That by top players calling him a poker genius. We of course recommend you watch High Roller but reading this will make the movie even sweeter as you understand the rollout. 

Early life: 

Stuart born in 1953, grew up the son of a bookmaker/bar owner and loan shark in Manhattan’s lower east side USA. It was impossible for him to exit down a scholarly path with the people he would then associate himself with. He started out learning to play Gin Rummy and at a very early age had a talent for reading people. The card playmanship was also unbeatable and eventually he couldn’t get a game. He lost both parents early on and it started a habit of drug use. At around the same time he met Victor Romano, a mobster who took Stuart under his wing. It also set in stone an unconventional path which led to the movie. Normal people’s lives are way too dull for the big screen. 


Stu was married from 1982 to 1986 and adopted his wife's son as his own. A daughter who survives Stu today, Stefanie, from this relationship can be found on social media such as Youtube.


Ungar transitioned very quickly to Poker as he could read players a vital skill in this game. With his mathematical brain it was a combination that saw him win the world series 3 times and the Super Bowl 3 times. He was able to come back if he was motivated. His hardest challenge was that of staying clean and well enough to play. 

The Demise of Stuart: 

Sadly drugs took over and weakened Stuart's Heart that it eventually failed him in a cheap motel just off the strip. He died with $800 and little else other than his legacy and daughter surviving him. It is a good thing that we can examine the negative role drugs can play in a person's life through a film. Drugs ultimately used as a way for Stuart to cope with the illness and then loss of his mother ended up getting hold of him. Who knows how good Stuart could ultimately have become without them. They for sure were the reason for his downfall. 


The Stu Ungar Story is more than a gambling film. It shows how you can go from having so much to so little and how a brilliant mind can let things all slip away. As a summary we think the most frequently asked questions are fitting. 

What is the plot of High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story? 

The plot follows the life, times and death of Stu the Kid Ungar. It delves into the emotional side of the life of a top class gambler one who ultimately had it all and lost it all. 

How did Stu Ungar die? 

Stu Ungar died from symptoms of long term drug use. Ultimately the cause of death is always a medical symptom and in this case the little guy with a lot of heart’s heart failed. 

What are Stu Ungar’s poker achievements? 

He has won 3 of each of the Super Bowl Of Poker, SBOP and the World Series Of Poker WSOP. 

Who plays the card genius himself in High Roller The Stu Ungar Story? 

Michael Imperioli plays Stuart Errol Ungar in the 2003 movie.

Personal view: A film well worth watching. Gambling films always slightly struggle with setting up the story with background and the making of the man. I enjoyed aspects of the film and especially detailing how Ungar knew the cards in hand of opponent when playing gin rummy. Clearly, Ungar was a talent but like so many gamblers didn't have an off switch and his addiction to drugs saw his life fall apart. His achievements speak for themselves.  

Why Do People Gamble? (With Professional Gambler Notes)

Why do people do people gamble? 

My snap answer is the thrill of the unknown and chance at instant monetary gain. 

But there is more to it and in this article we will explore the depths of the question. 


If we learn why people gamble then we can understand how to help those who need to quit. 

We can also help ourselves to know when to stop. 

We certainly never gamble as a solution to financial problems. If we gamble to try to solve a financial problem then we are very stupid indeed. Would you jump into the deep sea to learn to swim? 

Not likely! 

We are never going to say this is a reason to gamble. So what happens inside a gambler's head and what emotions flood the brain? Lets just mention that the industry is growing and there are more people starting to gamble than ever. The industry is worth 460 Billion in 2020. This comes from a gambling population of 4.2 Billion. 460 divided by 4.2 is $109 per person. It’s interesting to think about those numbers. It’s growing too. 

Putting your money on the line for fun or other reasons can lead to addiction and ruin your life.

So a deep personal analysis of your gambling should be undertaken regularly. So with the ever increasing number of gamblers the question is even more relevant. 

Reasons Why People Gamble: It’s More Than The Money

We have said that trying to solve financial problems by gambling is *ridiculous, but if you have a solid income you can play for money because you can afford to lose. You should never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. 

* It is important to remember that many people make vast sums of money gambling. However, the difference between those who do make money and those who don't is based solely on their skill, knowledge, and experience. The naive gambler [which is pretty much all gamblers even though they think they have skill] is that they have no chance of beating the informed, skilled, layer whether bookmaker or individual. It is important to appreciate this distinction between the naive and informed because it would, in my opinion, be foolish not to accept this point. Even bookmakers go out of business do to poor judgement. John McCririck is one example from failed bookie to successful racing pundit.    

Some Reasons Why You Might Gamble: 

Winning money to have a flashier lifestyle 
To feel the winning feeling is a thrill 
Improving social skills and passing some time 
Using it as a way to cope with a problem 
Showing off skills 

There is a clear feeling involved with gambling. This comes because you risk something. If you play with fake money it feels completely different. The hormone dopamine gives us a feel good feeling that is addictive and momentarily a good thing. When we win levels increase dramatically, but losing does the opposite. There is always the next bet which could lead to a good feeling- we kid ourselves. As a gambler you need to realise what is happening if you are to control it. 

Gambling can be a release, a way of coping with some other problems. A reason people may gamble but it’s not a good reason to play. If you lose the negative feelings will compound and you are even further away from solving your problems. 

Note: From my years of gambling I have realised many gamblers struggle with discipline, whether they bet large or small stakes. This is why many never progress from the basic, naive, perspective rather than wishing to learn from valuable experience. Without a willful endeavour to learn and hone your skills you just repeat the same mistakes and lose. It is the same as a student going to college for 30-years and not learning anything. All gamblers need reflexivity, self awareness, and self assessment. If you don't consider gambling with the seriousness of a business you are wasting your time, money and life.  

Pros and Cons of Gambling 

Non gamblers have a negative connotation associated with it. It does have many negative points enough to stop many from even partaking in a gamble. 

Note: In my opinion people who are anti-gambling are as naive as those they watch lose. Why? Because understanding the truth of what gambling involves is actually a skill which can benefit many in life. It is truly naive to think you don't gamble on a day to day basis. These skills can help individuals appreciate risk and opportunity. However, you need the skill to appreciate it's worth. Once again, the naive punter doesn't come close to understanding anything and why for many it is a road to destruction.   

We will look at both sides: 


Monetary Gain (possibly) 
Winning Feeling Dopamine Release
Study Form Learn About Odds and Improving Maths Skills 
Meet New People 
Entertainment & Casinos Environment 
Free Food and Drink 


Losing Money (likely) 
Depression feeling bad with a big loss 
Destroying Relationships 
Getting into Debt 
Losing Investments (e.g. Property) 

Forget what you see at the movies, there are no James Bond moments in your future (this is true, but not impossible because there are people who make millions from gambling). 

One day you could potentially turn into a professional gambler but it’s not for most. Even the pros lose big getting to where they are. And there are many who lose a great deal and don’t recover. They lose homes and their marriages fall apart. It quite literally ruins their own life. They lose control of their ability to stop and they are addicted. 

They need professional help. 

Casino Gambling Vs Online 

Visiting a land based casino comes with some perks like free food and drinks give or take. You meet others and can have a fun evening if you play within your rules and don’t deviate. The ambiance is also a reason to visit, casinos are clean and comfortable. You will also feel the vibe of seeing others win and lose. It’s an entirely different experience playing roulette at a proper table than an online game. Online gambling has taken off allowing people to play and place bets on their mobile phones. It has allowed the industry to grow beyond the land based model. Choose your platforms wisely as there are many scammers out there. 

Ways To Avoid Gambling Addiction 

Understanding why you gamble is a big part of preventing addiction when you understand how you work and what is making you play when you shouldn’t. 

Note: Gambling isn't a bad decision if you work on your skills to be a winner. Buying stocks and shares, Bit Coins, Property...everything is a financial risk without skill. Even with vast knowledge there are no guarantees. However, this is a fact about life itself. 

Here are some proven tips you should look into and practise to avoid becoming addicted:

Stick to limits: only gamble that which you can afford to lose (no one can afford to lose money). Leave when you are all out. Do not imagine the next deal is a winner (it could be, but I understand the thought process). Find other activities to replace gambling, this can be very refreshing. You can tell yourself you can always return that can help entice you away. Look at seeing other gamblers less or at all. Start a new hobby. Talk to your family about your gambling no matter what stage you are at. Try not to dwell on the past instead see a new future. Don’t repeat negative behaviour by ignoring your mistakes- learn from them. There is a gambling addiction hotline- use it if you need to. 

Note: If you don't learn the skills to be an accomplished gambler you shouldn't bet at all. The trouble is that most people do not understand the pros and cons of gambling until it is all consuming. That's why if you have an interest in gambling paper trail or just play with matchsticks. You will learn more from this approach than actually betting money. The mistake most gamblers make is that they think winning and losing is about money. It is all about knowledge, skill and experience.  

Can You Get Rich From Gambling?

For the vast majority of punters it's impossible.

Better advice is to see your losses as paying for your entertainment (or paying for your education if you wish to learn). 

There are extreme cases whereby professional gamblers like Bill Benter and Edward E Thorpe have come up tops- by a long way. Bill Benter has amassed a Billion from his endeavours on horse racing. But he is a very talented mathematician who was able to create an algorithm to give him better odds on the outcome of a horse race. Anyone who has made money as a professional will tell you you need a game of skill where the odds are not fixed. (Note: fixed odds make life very difficult to win unless you are an expert card counter, which is easy to spot, or a cheat, which is almost impossible in this day and age). 

Games like Blackjack and Sports betting or Poker where you play to a great deal on skill offer some hope to the informed gambler.

How good is your poker face? 

So the quick answer is no. 

Gambling is not just casinos sports and online.  You can look at stocks and shares as an alternative way of gambling. Starting a business is also a gamble. You can make a big difference on the outcome compared to the terrible odds of roulette. (Note: and amazingly roulette in the UK is one of the better gambles in most casinos).