8 Lies Sports Betting & Gambling Services Will Tell You

We live in an age where truth is ever hard to come by. However since a long time sports betting touts have been outright lying to you. Here are 8 that will help you spot the lies and many more besides. You may also find these lies crossover into other subjects. 

Some lies hold a truth to help validate the lie. Part of this whole deal however involves you. Make sure you do not get suckered and remember one thing: They work out what you want and pretty much tell you they can give you that. So ask yourself if it is too good to be true.

These lies are fully engineered to catch YOU! 

A list of lies 

1) They have a 75% winning percentage 

These claims are worthless because it’s misleading. Anyone can pick money line winners with a very high success rate. But it doesn’t equate to making money. 

For example in Football you could take Florida state and New York on the money line in any games they had a favour by over 15 the past several years and had a tremendous winning streak. 

The question you want answered is this one; What is the touts winning percentage against the spread over the last 6 years? 

The best sports gamblers on earth only win 55% against the spread. 

2) The Split Groups Scam 

Effectively a numbers game this one makes sure there are some winners through sheer probability. If you are among the lucky ‘winners’ you will be asked to fork out to continue to get the tips. And even if then you don’t win you will be sure it will ‘get back’ to being a winner soon. Your belief in the system will keep you on. 

How does it work? A scammer offers free tips betting each way to a total number of people such that half will win half will lose. This ensures some win. Then out of that pool again the next game the system puts you in half so effectively if there are enough in the group you might get through with 5 winning in a row. Their belief will be high. The system also offers the losers some offers and some will take it. If they had a couple of wins then a loss they may be into it enough. 

Let’s do some numbers. 

Game 1 and we start with 20,000 gamblers who signed up for FREE! After game 1 we have 10,000 with a win. Of those 10,000 the ‘group’ again is offered a pick 5,000 one side and 5,000 the other. So there will be now 5,000 winners with 2 in a row. We go again with game 3 and the 5,000 winners get split so 2,500 get 3 streak...and so on. 1,250 will get a 4 streak and 750 get a 5 streak. At this point these 750 get sold on a subscription service based on their wins and belief in the system. 

3) X Years Successfully Selling Picks 

This is no real interesting metric because it says nothing about how good they are. They are also likely to be very happy to lie about this too! 

4) You Don’t Pay Until You Win 

Very similar to the ‘Split Groups’ method, 50% of the subscribers will get a lucky win, so at least half end up paying the ‘service’. Those that don’t win will possibly stay in not seeing the scam thinking it’s free. Perhaps after they pay out of their winnings to the service when they eventually get a win and discover their folly. 

5) Guaranteed Winners 

Again similar to the split groups and You Don’t Pay Until You Win if you stay in the system you will eventually get a win. It’s using wordplay against you. 

6) You Don’t need To Do Anything Other Than Place Bets 

Appealing to the lazy of mind with the simplicity of this statement. If you said it involved a complicated form to fill out to enter then you would be too busy and just move on away from the advert. Only because you suspect the system is doing complex stats behind the curtain would you think this is not simply playing roulette. 

7) Lock Picks 

Using a key word such as ‘Lock’ suggests mostly to the uninitiated that something special is going on on. It’s no different to a regular pick. It is subterfuge. 

You yourself would be able to pick games that are looking more likely to be winners. 

8) Act Now To Get This Special Price 

Not just used in sports betting the headline is one to give you urgency and compel you to act instead of doing it tomorrow. When you would probably forget about it forever more. You may have seen the same thing shopping online with deal timers. Next time you see one of those test the timer- come back tomorrow and see if it was truthful! 

Conclusion: Most of these are playing on numbers or wording to make what they are saying truthful for ‘some’ of their victims. You might have got lucky and been in a split group down to the end. But likely you would have put your winnings straight back into your new sports tout’s system. The truth is that anyone who makes money consistently with their own methods makes far more than selling the information as picks. The age old adage remains and forever shall if it sounds too good to be true...then it probably isn’t.

A very insightful video worth watching about gambling addiction. 

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