Popular Professional Gambler Nicknames

Nicknames are rife through the gambling world. We all love speaking of our favourite characters by their nicknames. We have picked 6 top gamblers who have well known nicknames. If you hear of ‘The Kid’ or ‘Nick The Greek’ you know who we mean. And it’s a lot more fun too. 

In this read we will also look into nicknames, where they come from and how gamblers come up with them.

Gambling Nicknames

We said that we would start by looking into the general information on nicknames. They are a form of expression to many generations if to gamblers siblings football players or anyone. You can also nickname items. You might not know but in Brazil it is typical to be known by many names even in your family. Nicknames in gambling are given by fellow players and fans. 

What Is a Nickname? 

Nicknames add fun to a discussion about a favourite person and can colour the descriptive in a favorable way. Nicknames are felt to be more familiar. A fan can immediately put themselves closer to their heroes by referring to them by their nickname. They can also be humorous and given to places, people and objects. 

Why Do We Use Nicknames? 

Nicknames are used in all manner of societies for different reasons. One such example the vikings used nicknames often instead of their actual name. They can be used when people don’t like their own name- a very common case. The Vikings also used nicknames to signify status. 

In Britain nicknames are common they can refer to peoples features and in schools can be an unpleasant way to address someone. In wartime the soldiers would come up with nicknames too. In Asia nicknames are used more in friends and family only. In this case the nickname is more used to express endearment and love. Nicknames can be used to signal respect as in the case of the Vikings. Some nicknames can instill fear in enemies such as The Red Baron or Black Beard. 

Another commonplace area you find the use of nicknames is in online registrations and social media settings. Accounts such as Twitter, Instagram Snapchat etc allow you to label yourself with a ‘handle’ much like the users of CB Radio used nicknames. A screen name is another term used but all of them are nicknames. Online gambling sites also allow you to use the abstract ‘usernames’ but the popular ones like ‘thekid’ are probably taken! Nicknames can also be just an abbreviation of the full name. Australians are a particular nation who like to shorten names for all kinds of items. I guess it’s too hot to waste the energy out there! 

How to Create a Nickname? 

You will need to come up with your own nickname if you want to register on an online gambling website. Of course you might have a nickname and you can always try that. But if not then here discover a way to come up with a good nickname for yourself. Coming up with a nickname is fun. One of the best ways is to do it with friends. 

Just follow a few simple steps to create a fun, original and memorable nickname:

1) Ask yourself what makes you you? 

Try to look at your personality and ask your friends about your traits. Are you mean, fast or lazy? 

2) Get inspired by movies but don’t copy. 

3) Don’t overthink it. 

Top 6 Popular Gambler Nicknames 

Now another fun part – the top 6 best gambling nicknames list! A lot of gambling legends are well known by their nicknames which have been given and suit the characters of themselves. So who’s on the list? 

Big Julie of Vegas – If you search this name you will find books covering the story. Known for doing well playing craps. 

Nick the Greek – Yes originating from Greece! Another professional gambler who we have written about here. 

The Mad Genius – a teacher of poker, a big theorist and the teacher every gambler listens to.

The Robin Hood of Poker – This gambler got his nickname from giving much of his winnings to charity. 

Billy the Kid- a wide smile can mix with anger but tempered by an insane spirit for gambling.

The Kid - Stu ‘The Kid’ Unger named from his prowess at such a young age with Gin Rummy then Blackjack and Poker. 

Funny Real Gambling Nicknames 

Some lesser players have gained great names worthy of mention since they are funny. 

Bryan ‘Sailor’ Roberts 
Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari 
Humberto ‘The Shark’ Brenes 
Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson 
Jack Straus ‘Treetop’ 


Many legendary gamblers pickup nicknames in the gambling community. Could our list inspire your gambling nickname for use on a gambling website? Nicknames are here to stay, they say something in a usually positive way about us. It can be a status or attribute. You might be giving your significant other their own private nickname. They are versatile. 


What questions are people asking about nicknames? We have come to the rescue and have these for you. Our team has answered questions on nicknames in general and within the realm of the gambling world and these are the most frequently asked ones. Chances are you have the same questions: 

What is a nickname? Another name given to a person, item or other thing. Typically used for fun and to bring joy to a conversation. How do I create a nickname? Try and think about the item or person and take some inspiration from other nicknames. Think about the stick out attributes for the person and one will come to you. The best nicknames tend to happen without too much thought. 

What are the most popular professional gambler nicknames? Some of the most famous gamblers and their nicknames have been given in our list above.

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