3 Professional Gambler Tattoo Designs for Men

Over the last few years professional gambler tattoos have become really popular. Everyone loves a bit of ink whether hand, wrist, arm, sleeve or somewhere more daring. 

You don't need to be a gambling high roller with a private jet flying to Las Vegas to turn a few heads. 

Personally, I am a blank canvas, a 51-year-old bloke - a tattoo virgin - waiting to get the nerve to get some ink. I guess, if you haven't had a tattoo by the age of fifty it may never happen. I wonder how many have opted for a tattoo while in a midlife crisis. 

Have you got an ''everlasting jobstopper'' or you looking for a ''tough sticker''

It was the best thing they ever done. 


I'm not against having a tattoo, it's more trying to work out which design would suit and finding the most talented tattooist who could create a design and work of art.  

Take a look at Pinterest and you will see thousands of designs. 

However, for the classic professional gambler tattoo, which iconic symbols are most popular?

Las Vegas Sign

I'm not sure what percentage of gambling tattoos feature the Las Vegas sign but it's one of the most iconic features of this gambling metropolis in Nevada, United States. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. The sign was funded in 1959 and erected by Western Neon. If you didn't know, the sign was designed by Betty Willis. It's situated at the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. 

Nothing beats seeing a gambler playing a big-money game of poker flashing the ink. 

This sleeve design is well represented with the sign, roulette wheel, dice and even the iconic route 66 (cropped out of photo). 

A well-worked piece that captures the strip at its best. I'm revisiting Hunter S. Thompson's novel: ''Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas.''


Poker - Royal Flush 

If you love your poker then why not go for something dynamic and a real winning hand.

This is an absolutely cracking design and a real work of art. There must have been a lot of time and money put into this sleeve. The king is a executed with so much character.

I found this design on Pinterest which was uploaded by Robin Van Der Hulst. I'm not sure if he is the tattooist but I'll gladly add a link to the originator of this beautiful piece. 

A royal flush is a straight from ten to ace and all cards are the same suit. It's also, the best hand in poker. In fact, it is an exceptionally rare hand. 

As for being dealt a royal flush on the flop you're talking about one in four-hundred thousand hands. That's  quote from a player as I don't even play poker. 

The Skull 

It's a staple for the tattoo lover with a touch of angst. 

Most gamblers are a hearty breed who aren't bothered by having, sometimes, the odds stacked against them. And the symbolic use of the skull is often used to represent death and the use of this design is to display that death doesn't frighten them. Also, it reminds people that death is inevitable so we should live life to its fullest. 

Not only are three aces a pretty good hand in poker and brag but in tarot cards they represent multiple new beginnings, opportunities, or a new environment. 

This is a particularly good design and the dice and snake eyes. 

Be lucky.

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