How much money do you need to be a professional gambler?

There are lots of would-be pro gamblers.

Good luck to each and everyone of you. I say that sincerely because if you don't have a plan or ambition you are unlikely to get to your final destination. So it is wise to have a plan. Or at least an idea. 

So what are your chances of being a professional gambler?

It's not impossible. 

When betting via skill you can be the best in the world. Remember, to make money gambling, you need to be better than most. You're facing competition but you're not trying to win an Olympic Gold Medal. 

However, the better you can be the more money you can win. 

Never bad news.

However, there is a problem. I am a person who believes from little acorns giant oaks may grow. 

But here's the problem. Many professional gamblers make a return of just 1% on their investment. 

£1 in every £100. 

It doesn't seem a great deal of money, hey? In fact, it even makes some of these dodgy investment scheme look attractive. The incentive is to make your betting more profitable. If you are at the 1% level you will need to bet a lot of money and if you are selective you are going to run into problems. 

It's not a problem but if you rely on your winnings to get by as your only source of earnings you will be feeling under pressure to earn more cash. 

You cannot force bets. 

It is the same as chasing losses. 

So if you are considering becoming a professional gambler you will do well to make your profits as big as possible and that is down to skill. 

Some professional gamblers have a return on their investment of 20%. There are some who have more. 

It is something to think about. 

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