Dave Nevison Gambling Publications: A Bloody Good Winner & No Easy Money

I have always held a deep admiration for Dave Nevison, one of the earliest modern-day professional gamblers who captured my interest. This admiration stemmed largely from his published works, which regaled incredible gambling stories infused with wisdom, humor, and a life lived on the precipice.

Hailing originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, Nevison inherited the gambling bug from his grandfather. If you haven't delved into his literary offerings, you are in for a treat with the captivating narratives they unfold.

"A Bloody Good Winner: Life as a Professional Gambler," published by Highdown in June 2008 and co-authored with the award-winning David Ashworth, is a masterpiece that weaves magic into its prose. The book chronicles Nevison's plunge into professional gambling in 1993. Encouraged by his wife to pursue his dream after growing disenchanted with his City career in foreign exchange and futures trading, he utilized a redundancy package and savings to establish a betting bank of £50,000. The journey that ensues, as he makes a living backing horses, is a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. This delightful literary concoction blends gambling, humor, and an unreserved account of a man who triumphed over the bookies at their own game.

Nevison's second offering, "No Easy Money: A Gambler’s Diary," published by the Racing Post in 2008, provides a contrasting narrative. With a no-holds-barred approach, the book details his life on the road, traveling to racecourses across the country. Starting at the 2008 Cheltenham Festival and concluding with the St Leger, the story revolves around his aim to make £1 million. The book is an emotional roller-coaster, offering a gritty portrayal of the ups and downs of the gambling world.

After almost two decades as a professional gambler, Nevison transitioned to a new chapter in 2005, joining Racing TV as a Horseracing Television Presenter, Pundit, and Columnist. His expert knowledge, relaxed demeanor, and humor have established him as one of the leading hosts on the show.

In recent years, Nevison has faced health challenges related to diabetes, rendering him wheelchair-bound. Nevertheless, he persists in his work, remaining a steadfast friend to punters.... For those with an appetite for more gambling tales, other noteworthy reads include:

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Photo: J.Coote (2023)

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