The Day Nick Mordin Called My Brother

The Day Nick Mordin Called My Brother
Nick Mordin has always been a punctual man. 

Well, that's the impression I got when he called my brother! 

Back in 1994, Tony, my twin brother had concluded the biggest study in the world about Group-entered two-year-old thoroughbred race horses in the United Kingdom. He had sent a brief outline to Nick Mordin about this five-year study asking if he wanted to use it for his Sporting Life Weekender Systems. 

Mordin called him and they chatted on the phone for a good half an hour. He was intrigued by the research because it was original. No one had ever investigated such findings and the research was groundbreaking.  The discussion concluded with Mordin seeking permission to write a couple of articles based on the research. My brother, surprising to some, granted him the approval, contrary to the usual inclination of keeping such valuable data confidential.

He's the classic sharing guy. 

Approximately a month later, an article titled: "In A Class of their Own: How to Spot Top-Notch Two-year-olds" appeared in the Sporting Life’s Weekender, a double-page spread released every Wednesday. Such was its popularity, that Mordin did a followed-up the next week focusing on improving the utilization of the data. 

To this day, individuals have recalled the article positively, suggesting it may have been one of Mordin's finest works.

Nick Mordin consistently demonstrated a professional approach to horse racing data and research, resulting in the creation of four publications based on his success. 

My brother and I acquired three out of the four publications. I plan to purchase "Winning Without Thinking: A Guide to Horse Racing Betting Systems," published by Aesculus Press Limited in 2003.

Very few people remember that Nick Mordin was a professional gambler for a period of time. So he definitely put his money where his mouth is and made his betting pay.

I've just started to re-read "Mordin On Time" published by Aesculus Press Limited in 1996. According to the blurb, the book promises insights into making thousands of pounds from horse race betting using the explained speed ratings.

Comprising 18 chapters and spanning 128 pages, the book centers around the maxim: 'Why time is the best measure of a horse, and how to use it.' I plan to revisit this book in the coming days.

This book has become a rarity among horse racing enthusiasts, I've noted it being offered for sale at £80. Although my brother's notes are scattered throughout the pages, potentially diminishing its value, however, the content remains as insightful as ever. "Mordin On Time" proves to be a timeless read. (Pardon he pun).

Mordin has slipped off the radar with regard to his publications or articles in esteemed sports media. 

However, he is a noted authority in this field and someone who is sorely missed. 

His Systems in the Sporting Life Weekender are missed by punters to this day. 

It was a special moment for my brother to work with Mordin and if he is reading this he wishes his all the best. 

Photos: J.Coote (2023) 

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