Does Every Professional Gambler Have Their Own Niche?

Have you ever met a professional gambler? 

To be fair, unless you are in those gambling, betting, horse racing, poker circles you may have not. 

It's not the sort of thing your average person talks about. In fact, if you did bump into someone who says they play poker for a living or their occupation is betting on the horses you may just think they are some loser who had a misspent youth. 

I'm sure that's the primordial soup of the evolution of any gambler worth his/her salt (or the majority). 

I've written umpteen articles about professional gamblers; from the great and the good to people you haven't even heard about but ply their trade to make an honest buck. 

You better believe that most gamblers work harder than your average nine-to-fiver. In fact, they are generally the hardest working people you will find. 

You need to be relentless to be better than the competition. 

If they threw a javelin rather than placed a bet, they'd sling that spear further than you, me or that big bloke from the local athletics club. 

What I have noticed about lots of horse racing gamblers is that they all have their own way of doing things. They've gone past the point of reading books, to an author who has his own voice. He isn't a budding Roald Dahl anymore. He can make his own BFG. And it's probably a swear word. 

All successful gamblers have their own uniquely individual ways. 

Even if it looks pretty similar to most, I can guarantee they have a twist or two which means they do their own thing.

That's a strength. 

In fact, it's interesting how many retro professional gambler contradict each other. 

Some focus on maidens while other specialise in nursery races. Some using time while other look at the betting. For many it's all about the single win bet, while others love an each-way flutter or even a multi bet, which is probably the last thing you'd expect to hear. 

This tells you something. 

Every niche of racing has the potential to make money. 

It's like the classic punter who shies away from betting on two-year-old horses because they don't understand it. 

Here's the point. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean someone else doesn't!

That's why the most successful people in life have their own niche. You don't hear a gifted cobbler (someone who makes shoes) nipping off every Sunday to do a little bit of bricklaying on the side. 

If you do, they must be struggling or have something strange going on like a fetish for big bricks. 

When it comes to gambling - as it does with all aspects of making money in life - if you aren't working hard to be the best you can then someone else will get to the treasure first.

You don't even need to be the best - just better than most. 

But remember this, no one is good at everything - there simply isn't enough time.

Stick to what you love doing, work hard and then a little bit harder. 

You are on the verge of success.

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