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The life story of any gambler is never going to follow an idyllic path through acres of ox-eye daisies blowing in a gentle breeze. 

Well, I guess we've all had a week or two where it has felt that way then the ground falls away from under my feet and I'm hanging by my fingernails to a precipice. 

Remember - never cut your nails too short - that's hands and feet. You may need to sharpen your teeth...

To be fair, I have always been a relatively careful gambler, although looking back a few hefty bets laying horses does bring me out in a cold sweat. Reviewing the result - that horse which came fourth or fifth was running on like a train and could have been a nightmare. 

One such horse was Clive Brittain's Rizeena who never did much bar winning after her debut. I imagine she was a 100/1 shot but looking back at the result via the Racing Post, this daughter of Iffraaj was 16/1 (backed from 40/1). I imagine I laid that one early or it was a very late gamble. Anyway, it lost and I won £20 which carried a potential liability of perhaps £600.

It probably sounds like a hard way to make money but in actual fact I made several thousand with that approach of picking on certain horses to lose for a certain (I can't say) reason. 

It's interesting how many successful professional gamblers have - perhaps - taken the easier route of earning money by being employed by Racing TV. 

Namely Dave Nevison and Eddie ''The Shoe'' Freemantle. 

(I don't think Eddie is a former pro gambler). 

I admire both men so there isn't any negativity with 99.9% of my posts. Who am I to judge? Because, as the baker says: ''The things I have to do to put bread on the table!'' It does make me wonder the journey named professional gamblers take to opt for the role of a journalist rather than bet to make a crust. 

Perhaps they do both. 

Working on a regular 9-5 has a lot going for it, especially when you can chat about your chosen subject getting to the course or from the studio. 

Betting, even for the best of the best, can be a stressful existence. Just think for a moment if you have a 50% win rate (you must be betting odds-ons). Take a look at the last twenty spins of a roulette wheel. 

You often see a mighty run of black or red. It's lovely if you are on the winning streak but not so ''cushty'' if you are on the polar opposite. 

It's a truly frightening thought because who has a 50% win rate? I'd probably fear more for you if you say you have achieved this lofty standing. 

Betting cannot - in truth - be the most healthy occupation even at the best of times. They say stress is a killer 

So to all those people who wish to be professional gamblers, sometimes, you may need to be careful what you wish for. 

I remember my old aunt lived next door to King Midas. All was going beautifully until he went for a slash.

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