The Public Identity of the Elusive Professional Gamblers

Let's face it, most people are in the public eye for one reason.


That is probably the case for the majority of professional gamblers you have heard about especially relating to horse racing. Perhaps poker, being a game followed by its own promotional machine you could find yourself in the limelight (when you would rather be anonymous) although the majority of poker players are not going to say no to the easy money which comes with publicity and all its trappings. 

But what about professional gamblers who have or are making their money from betting  on horse racing? 

The chances are they are selling something - usually a book, detailing how they made some cash but all the pay dirt has gone and they just talk about sacks of the gold with a touch of nostalgia. Not to say it isn't a good read or you cannot learn something from their prose. 

We can, literally, learn from everyone - often their mistakes are the valuable part. 

As mentioned in previous posts, many of the names you have heard have put pen to paper. 

Phil Bull 

Alec Bird

Dave Nevison 

Harry Findlay

Patrick Veitch

To name a few...

Have written worthy tomes.

All great reads. 

I would recommend any budding pro gambler to get stuck into a few publications because it is likely to make you realise one thing - the best way you are likely to win cash gambling is finding your own niche. As Alan Potts said: Betting ''Against The Crowd.'' The opinion of the masses is popular but inevitably wrong. Why? Because for some to win, the majority must lose. And that is the secret to success and something very few professional gambler are likely, to put into words or, perhaps, be able to detail in a way you can understand. 

Basically, why would anyone making good money tell you how it works?

You are very unlikely to have heard the names of the best professional gamblers until, one day, they are looking to cash-in via a different method. 

Good luck to all. 

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